Nordic network for research on communicative product design

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Gothenburg seminar
(10-11 March 2003)
Helsinki seminar
(1-3 October 2003)
Lyngby seminar
(28-30 April 2004)
Trondheim seminar
(18-20 May 2005)

Oslo seminar
(10-12 May 2006)

Helsinki seminar
(6-8 June 2007)

Lund seminar
(28-30 May 2008)

Doctoral seminars

Nordcode has been created to fulfill the needs of a small but growing design research community. The network is concretely characterized by activities based on research cooperation, doctoral education, information exchange, workshops, seminars, and publications. The annual Nordcode seminars are the main discussion forum of the community. In addition, joint courses for doctoral students will be organised and other activities planned.

For more information about past and future activities, see Nordcode events