Nordic network for research on communicative product design

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Gothenburg seminar
(10-11 March 2003)

Helsinki seminar
(1-3 October 2003)
Lyngby seminar
(28-30 April 2004)
Trondheim seminar
(18-20 May 2005)

Oslo seminar
(10-12 May 2006)

Helsinki seminar
(6-8 June 2007)

Lund seminar
(28-30 May 2008)

Doctoral seminars
The Nordic network for research on communicative product design (Nordcode) is initiated by research colleagues of the department of Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology (in Gothenburg, Sweden) and of the “Meaning of Form” research group at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (TAIK), Finland.

In addition to noticing common research interests regarding the communicative aspects of product design, the researchers have noticed a need for establishing a forum for interaction, collaboration and scrutiny of ideas. While the design research field also in the Nordic countries is apparently growing, such cooperation would be beneficial in order to improve the quality of research. In specific, historically and culturally intertwined interests and approaches of the Nordic countries towards design may be used as a platform for more active discussions between researchers and universities.

The idea of Nordic network was first brought into discussion in 2000 with the financial support by Norfa, after which closer relationships have been established between Chalmers and TAIK. Following this, in 2002 the researchers decided to start planning concrete activities of the network, including the first Nordcode seminar. It was organised on March 10-11, 2003 in Gothenburg. From the beginning of 2005, Nordcode is funded by NordForsk. This funding has enabled an increasing number of activities.