Nordic network for research on communicative product design

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Nordcode events

Gothenburg seminar
(10-11 March 2003)
Helsinki seminar
(1-3 October 2003)
Lyngby seminar
(28-30 April 2004)
Trondheim seminar
(18-20 May 2005)
Oslo seminar
(10-12 May 2006)

Helsinki seminar
(6-8 June 2007)

Lund seminar
(28-30 May 2008)

Doctoral seminars
Nordcode is a “society-like” research network, organised and managed by the Nordcode Steering Group that meets biannually. The network is open for researchers and doctoral students with interests in the topic of communicative product design. It is based on cooperation between design researchers primarily in the Nordic countries.

Nordcode Steering Group and country representatives

Susann Vihma
Head of the Steering Group
University of Art and Design Helsinki
tel. +358 9 756 303 64
Address: Hämeentie 135C, 00560 Helsinki

Toni-Matti Karjalainen
Network co-manager
Nordcode representative of Finland

Helsinki School of Economics

tel. +358 50 357 4047

Martina Keitsch
Nordcode representative of Norway

Oslo School of Architecture and Design, AHO
Tel.: +47 41 01 84 34

Viktor Hjort
Nordcode representative of Sweden
University of Skövde / Chalmers University of Technology
tel. +46 500 44 85 73

Anders Warell
Network co-manager
Lund University

Johannes Sigurjonsson
NTNU Trondheim
tel. +47 73598243

Torben Lenau
Nordcode representative of Denmark
DTU Lyngby

tel. +45 4525 4811

Participating research groups and universities of Nordcode

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