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Gothenburg seminar
(10-11 March 2003)
Helsinki seminar
(1-3 October 2003)
Lyngby seminar
(28-30 April 2004)
Trondheim seminar
(18-20 May 2005)

Oslo seminar
(10-12 May 2006)

Helsinki seminar
(6-8 June 2007)

Lund seminar
(28-30 May 2008)

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Nordcode PhD activities are being planned for 2010.
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Nordcode PhD course
(series of three seminars)

April-November 2008

Skövde, Lund, Oslo

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Nordcode doctoral seminars


The Nordcode network is organising a series of intensive seminars for doctoral students. This will be a follow-up of the first Nordcode doctoral seminar, held in October 2005 in Finland.

Students from the Nordic countries with a research topic falling under the Nordcode theme of communicative aspects of design are encouraged to apply. The seminars are funded by NordForsk, allowing travel grants for the participants.


The objective of the seminar series is to support doctoral students within design research in Scandinavia by providing them with an arena for discussing their ongoing research projects with peers and senior academics. In specific, focus is on developing the students’ research design and methods, and enhancing their argumentation and reasoning skills. In addition, the seminars aim to encourage collaborative projects between Nordic universities.


The series will consist of three seminars:
  • 1st doctoral seminar: NTNU in Trondheim, November 8-10th 2006
  •  2nd doctoral seminar: Chalmers in Gothenburg, March 7-9 2007
  • 6th Nordcode seminar & workshop, Helsinki, June 6-8 2007. A special workshop will be organized in addition to the general programme.
The seminars will consist of lectures and focused discussions on methods and theory of science in research on the communicative aspects of design. Much time will be devoted to discussions around participants’ own projects. 

Participants are expected to prepare for each seminar through exercises and assignments. Related literature will be sent to participants in advance of each seminar.

Credits & Formal requirements

Together with assignments the three seminars constitute a PhD-course of 7.5 ECTS credits. To qualify for this, participants must attend all three seminars and complete compulsory assignments including peer reviewing. 


Applicants must be enrolled as a PhD/doctoral student at a Nordic University. A maximum of 10 students will be accepted to the seminar series. Selection of students will be made on the basis of their applications.

Applications should be sent to professor Susann Vihma (University of Art and Design Helsinki) by email:

Deadline for applications: 30.9.2006
Notification of selections will be made by 10.10.2006

The applications (2-3 pages) should include:
·    Clear description of the student’s doctoral project, including objectives, schedule, and the status of supervision
·    Brief description of the applicant’s motivation for attending the seminars
·    Brief description of the main challenges and problems that the applicant is facing within the doctoral project


Funding is available for all accepted participants. This includes travel (flight/train/buss tickets) and accommodation costs (hotel 3-4 nights) to all three seminars. However, participants need to book and pay the trips first themselves and expenses will be refunded after each seminar.


Further information may be obtained by email:

1st seminar
NTNU Trondheim, November 8-10 2006
“Design Theory and Research Methodology”
Organiser: NTNU/Martina Keitsch (

Pre-reading package
To get the package, please contact

Initial Programme

Wednesday 8
13.00 Introduction to course
13.30 Lecture: Program, intervention and participation - participatory approaches to design research, by Thomas Binder
15.15 Lecture general
16.15 Discussion
18.00 Social

Thursday 9
09.00 Lecture: Progress in design methodology and related research approaches
10.45 Group discussion on lecture and literature (2-3 articles will be sent to students in advance).
11.30 Group presentations
12.00 Lunch
14.00 Presentation by students (focusing on selected problems within PhD) & Discussion
18.00 End
19:00 Dinner

Friday 10
09.00 Group Work
11.00 Lunch, closing discussion and plans for the 2nd seminar
13.00 End

Lecture slides
of Martina from the 1st seminar

2nd seminar
Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, March 7-9 2007
“Design Research Methodology – Applied research”
Organiser: Chalmers/Viktor Hjort (

6th Nordcode seminar and workshop
Helsinki, June 6-8 2007
“Design Semiotics in use”

A special session for the students may also be organised during the seminar. The students are also encouraged to present their work for a wider audience.